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Welcome to the Bizempire website. Here we provide information to help you setup and run your small business in South Africa. Eventually it is our hope that the resources on this site will help you to grow your small business into a large business empire.

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The basics of startup - covers the basic background information required for one to setup and start a small business in South Africa.

Business information - is for existing small business owners who need to keep up to date with the latest in government legislation, scams, IT and marketing for small businesses.

Newsletter - is a free subscription to our monthly newsletter which provides business information directed primarily at small business owners in South Africa.

Service providers - lists companies and people that provide services that could be useful for small businesses and their owners.

Products for small business - lists various products that could prove useful to small businesses.

Book store - where you can find books useful to small business owners in South Africa.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions about starting and running your small business in South Africa and about Bizempire.

Contact details - how to get hold of us.

Suppliers and advertisers - for more information on having your products/services listed on this website or for advertising on this website.

This website is all about providing you with information on how to start your own business in South Africa. Our newsletter will focus on starting a certain type of small business, but you will find other traditional information on this site too. Whether its tackling Government red tape or figuring out how to setup a company, the information is all here. We hope you enjoy your browsing.

The subject of managing your own small business or company is vast. We can’t hope to cover the entire field, nor could you hope to absorb all that information in a short time. Instead our intent is to focus on modern and cheap ways of running your business with minimum personal risk. The strategy is almost always to rather start small and test it out before moving onto bigger things. This does not suit everyone, but we believe it to be prudent for most.


The subject matter dealt with on this site is of a general nature only. It is always advisable to consult a professional for your specific situation. All information provided on this site has been carefully chosen and is to the best of our knowledge correct and current. If however you find errors, broken links or disagree with facts provided, please contact us at so that we can make the correction and provide South African business owners with relevant and error free factual information. If you believe there is relevant content missing and you wish to add this value to the site, then you can contact us at the same address

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