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Advice on submission

When submitting your business plan or proposal to the members of the Bizempire Meeting Place, you need to address what your future partner will get out of the business. Almost all the members who will be looking at your proposal are in this to make money - just like you.

So make sure that you:

  1. Explain what you want their role to be.
  2. Explain how they can make money from your venture.
  3. Address their concerns about possible risks.

For example: If you are looking for someone to invest money in you business:

  1. Will you be offering them a share of the business ownership or will you simply be expecting a loan?
  2. When will the money be paid back and how much?
  3. What happens to their money if your business does not work out?

Another example: If you are looking for someone to do the sales for you:

  1. Will they be an employee, a commission only sales agent, or a shareholder in the new business?
  2. Will they be paid a salary, commissions and what happens about expenses they incur trying to get sales?
  3. What happens if they can’t get anyone to buy or your product does not work?

In other words, you have to try and sell your idea to these people so that they want to join up with you. Use numbers wherever possible. Terms such as “highly profitable”, “great returns” and “infinite possibilities” are not of much use when it comes to making business decsions.

On the other hand, you will also get great interest if you can sell your business idea as a great concept. If its something that others want to already join up with and are excited about, then convincing them with the numbers becomes a bit easier.

Good luck. Return to the proposal form here.


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