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Basic business startup - summary

You are in business to make money, so don’t waste your precious time with boring book keeping and complicated Government forms. Let us do that while you focus on making profits.


The Basic Business Startup plan is a service offered by Bizempire that does all the mundane book keeping tasks required by a small business in South Africa. This makes it much easier for an entrepreneur to get started in the business world and to focus on making money rather than filling in forms and adding up numbers.

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What does the business owner (you) have to do:

Once the company is setup, you the business owner has one main focus: To sell and support your product or service. You need to go out there and find customers and convince them to buy your product or use your service. You then need to supply that product or service whenever they pay you. Then you need to find another customer, and so on.

How much paper work you actually end up doing depends on your product or service, but in most cases you will be limited to quotes and invoicing your customers (although we can do the invoicing if you want). Simply dump your invoices and slips into a box which we provide you with each week and we’ll collect them.

What does the Basic Business Startup plan do:

We will take all your accounting information each month and provide you with a set of accounting reports that tell you how much profit or loss you are making and what your assets and liabilities are. If necessary we will also supply you with monthly statements for your customers and list of payments for you to make to your suppliers. All this information is then nicely packaged and filed for your accounting officer or auditor each year. We will also handle provisional tax returns, VAT returns, and EMP returns if required.

What are the advantages for you the business owner?

  1. You can focus on making money with your business without having to waste time on boring and unproductive accounting and administrative tasks.
  2. There is no contract involved. If you don’t feel our service is helping you, you can stop using us at any stage. There is no warning period necessary or any penalty fees. We are confident that our service will make your business life so much easier that there won’t be any need for contracts.
  3. This plan gets you started as easily as possible. Once you’re up and running you will have the option of adding other features to the business as it grows and becomes more profitable. Think of this plan as your springboard into the business world. Later we can offer you other business services such as staff (you HR dept), legal advice (your legal dept), complex accounting and finance (your accounts and finance depts), factory space, computer hardware, services & software (your IT dept), internet services, insurance, logistics, production, marketing, ecommerce, imports, exports. Whatever it is you don’t want to do, we free up your time by doing it for you, so that you can rather focus on making money. But this all happens much later. Lets rather concentrate on getting going first.
  4. This plan frees up significant time for you which gives you the option of spending your time running more than one business rather than wasting it on admin.
  5. This plan allows you to start a small business on the side whilst keeping your existing salaried job as you can devote all your free time to making the business work, rather than spending it on admin.

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What are the limitations of this plan?

  1. This plan is designed for the simplest business structure. Most one person business start ups would be suited to this plan. If however, you wish to employ  staff, have complicated trading practices, deal with forex or anything else that makes your business more complex than a basic system of selling a product or service, then you may need to look at some of our other plans to support your business.
  2. At this stage this plan will only give maximum benefit to Johannesburg businesses. It is possible for other South African areas to use it too, but then you will need to be prepared for a few minor practical hurdles and costs.
  3. This plan does not provide finance. We do however reduce your monthly overheads by offering to do your admin on a “no sales, no charge” basis, which will lower your startup capital requirements.
  4. This plan is not suited for businesses with low profit margins. This is where companies try and sell a high volume of goods with low prices in order to make some profit. We consider this a high risk type of business and would suggest you rather find better products that can be sold at higher prices with better profit margins.

How does the Basic Business Startup plan work in practice?


  1. Your cc is setup in the traditional way with you as the member (shareholder / director).
  2. You will have to open a bank account for the cc. Sorry, but we can’t do this, but we will give you exact, easy to follow instructions on how to do this simple but sometimes frustrating task.


  1. You go about your business of selling your product/service, then supplying your product/service and of course making sure you get payment for your product/service.
  2. We will then, each week, drop off a box into which you simply place your supplier slips, invoices and bills. We will collect these documents on a regular basis and process them for you.
  3. When you supply your customers you will invoice them. You can either choose to do this yourself  or we can do it for you.
  4. Behind the scenes we will process this and other information and each month give you reports that tell you:
    • How much you owe.
    • What your profits are.
    • What you spent your money on.
    • What your customers owe you.
    • What you need to pay to your suppliers
    • What assets you have.
  5. Where necessary we will also do government returns such as VAT, EMP, COID, UIF, etc.
  6. You are free to focus on making money without having to waste time on excessive paper work.

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What services are not included in this plan?

There are obviously many business functions not included as this is a simple startup plan, but below we list a few common ones just to make sure there are no false expectations created or misunderstandings.

The following are not part of Bizempire’s Basic Buisness Startup plan:

  • Auditing or accounting officer work. You will need to annually have an accountant check our work and sign it off for the tax man. We can arrange this for you, but it is not part of the plan as we would encourage you to verify our work using an independent third party.
  • Financial or tax advice. We are not financial planners or tax advisors. We will always choose the simplest format to stay tax compliant. If you wish to complicate matters to try and save on tax, that is for you to do on your own.
  • Payroll work, other than for the member if required. If you are starting out we strongly recommend that you don’t enter into long term contracts such as employing staff, so payslips and wage calculations are not part of this plan.
  • We do not provide finance (loans). Debt is a huge killer of businesses, and our philosophy is about trying to get you started without having to borrow.
  • Handling of customer queries. You have the relationship with the customer, and it is not our place to interfere. We would hate to be responsible for upsetting a customer over a late payment argument. Any queries about prices, discounts or returns need to be answered and sorted out by you. By far the most problem queries are caused when you decide to give your customers accounts or payment terms. Due to this and the risk of bad debts we strongly suggest that you find a business model that does not require delayed customer payments.
  • Income tax returns. This should rather be completed by your accounting officer or auditor.

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