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Bizempire - registering your cc

For various reasons, we would recommend that most small businesses in South Africa should start off as a cc (close corporation). There are several ways of doing this:

  1. You can do an internet search and you should find several companies who will register your cc on your behalf for a fee.
  2. You can email us and ask for the contact details of companies that might do this for you. Note that by giving you their details we are not endorsing them as we will not have used them. You must decide on your own if they are okay to use.
  3. You can do it yourself at
  4. You can email us a simple message asking us to register your cc and we will do it for you. The current rate is R750 to register your cc and the typical time taken is a few weeks and depends on how busy the registrar of companies is and how quickly you provide the necessary information..

Once you have your cc registered you may want to consider using our Business Startup Plan to make your business life easier.

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