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Problem 4 - admin

Common Problem No. 4

There is too much administration work required and government red tape to start a business

We agree, but the South African Government is working on streamlining the whole process. In the mean time simply find out what the requirements are. Once you are familiar with the legislation, taxes and other requirements, they become far less daunting.  They may still take up much of your time, effort and other resources but if your venture is profitable you can soon outsource or employ someone to handle the tasks. In the mean time…

There is a lot of media hype about this problem, but a small one person business with no employees has in reality a limited amount of Government returns to complete.  They only really become an issue when there are many employees and high transaction volumes. Once again we need to emphasise that it is all about educating yourself. Knowledge and confidence will turn your daunting red-tape into a minor irritation.

Non-government admin requirements include amongst others, the unpopular book keeping tasks. The other areas of a business such as marketing, sales, production, human resources, logistics and development might also be classed as “unnecessary administration” if they do not fall under the business owner’s areas of expertise. It really makes sense to outsource these tasks whenever practical and possible so that the business owner can focus his / her valuable time on making money. We’ll have more on this later, but in the mean time take a look at our list of service providers for possible outsourcing options.


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