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Products - accounting software

Accounting software packages for small businesses.

Smartedge - Access your accounts from anywhere with this internet based package for small businesses. Computer theft no longer results in you losing all your accounting data. You can work on your accounts from home, work or laptop. Your book keeper and accountant can do the same

Pastel - A well known small business accounting package

Econo Accounting - An accounting package focusing on ease of use for the small business owner. They reckon you can do you accounts with just a few minutes work each day.

Omni Accounts- Accounting package that starts small, but can grow easily with you. Ideal for the tight budget as you can start with a very simple and low cost package and then add on functions as your business grows.

SAP Business One - A far more comprehensive accounting and business management package. Targeted more at the larger small businesses and medium sized concerns due to its relatively higher pricing. Its features are extensive and impressive.


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