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Investors and business service providers.

If you already supply small business services or are interested in getting involved, then you may want to consider signing up to be a member of the Bizempire Meeting Place. There is no cost involved in becoming a member, it is currently a free service.

We will then email you with a notification whenever we receive business plans  or proposals in your area of expertise. You will be able to view these plans and can decide if you want to get involved or if you require more information. You will then be able to deal directly with the entrepreneur or business owner and hopefully create a new thriving business together.

An example: If you are looking at investing in new small business start ups, you will select the “investor” option in the form below. When we receive a business plan requesting investor assistance, we will notify you in an email with a link. You can follow the link and view the plan at your leisure and deal with it as you see fit.

Another example: If you are in sales, you will choose the “sales persons” option in the form below. You will not be bothered by those plans requesting investments, but instead you will only receive those plans who are looking for help with the selling of their products. If you come across products in your field of expertise or which interest you then you can contact the entrepreneur directly.

You should only sign up if your are genuinely looking to invest or become involved in the creation of new businesses. If you are simply looking for a new customer to supply ink cartridges to, you are wasting your time. The numbers are too low and you will be removed from the database if we receive complaints about abusing this system.

A good test (but not a requirement) is whether you would consider becoming a shareholder, director, mentor or consultant of these businesses.


You receive a source of possible business ventures with no obligation or cost involved.

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