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Reasons to start a business

Any list of reasons on why you should start your own business needs to be tempered with a warning that business is risky and comes with responsibilities. Typically success is linked to the amount of effort and resources put into a venture, but this is by no means a guaranteed outcome. Anyway, that said and out the way, here follow some good reasons to start your very own business.

  • Your own business not only offers you a chance to earn money, it also provides you with the opportunity of earning almost unlimited income, unlike a salary.
  • A successful business could provide you with passive income (not requiring you to do much, if any work) for your retirement years, providing you have set it up properly.
  • You can improve the economy of the country by providing work for suppliers and jobs for your employees. An improved economy helps reduce crime and poverty.
  • You get to choose how much time you spend on your business. Of course this affects your income, but at least there is no boss clock watching you.
  • Greater flexibility which enables you to spend more time with your family and avoid peak hour traffic.


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